2020 Brightest STAR for Science

When I became a teacher at Navotas National Science High School, I am in a state of shock. Being the first detailed teacher in the school means that you need to coordinate all the other administrative functions of the school, such as disbursing government funds, handling properties, and even dealing with guidance problems. Nevertheless, this pushed me forward to become a better teacher for the best students of Navotas.

Back when I was a kid, I dream of becoming a teacher. When someone asks me of my dream when I was in elementary, I was firm in my resolve – “I want to become a teacher.” This is coupled by the teachers that shaped and mold me to become who I am today. I am truly indebted to them. I saw their sacrifices and hardships and that made me decide to pursue teaching and to enter the public-school system.



2018 Brightest STAR for Mathematics

Learning is my driving force. It gives me great joy whenever I learn new knowledge and share them with others.

My deep passion for learning especially for Mathematics, began from childhood which was inspired by my mother who is a dedicated Math Teacher. I was never a genius in math but, I enjoyed working with numbers because my mother had always been there to help me learn and understand their meaning and importance. This inspired me to become a teacher as well.

I entered the teaching profession at a young age after graduation in college. Being the perfectionistic teacher that I once was, I had often encountered challenges with the attitude and performance of some of my students in math. I had to face the reality that not all students were like me. Not all of them love to learn, especially math. From then on, it had been my goal to make learning Math more meaningful and enjoyable for them.

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2018 Brightest STAR for Science

I believe that education is the greatest equalizer in life. We may be poor but our desire to learn and improve ourselves through good education will give us vision towards our dream.

As a public school teacher for 11 years, I have already foreseen the different faces of our future in the eyes of my students from different walks of life. I realized the power of my instruction in molding students as present leaders, who will inspire and bring the light along their way as they journey to tomorrow.

A spark of hope and a deepen purpose in my teaching profession have filled my passion through the project STAR shared mission: To encourage our youth to love and have greater interest in science. I have gained exceptional trainings from DOST-SEI under the project STAR.  Implementing and promoting powerful new teaching strategies in STEM education have been my advocacy from then on.

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