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Webinar Series: Teaching and Learning in the New Normal Educational System



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July 28, 2021 Maria Corazon Samorin, WVSU Humanizing Flexible Learning Instruction: Fostering Social Teaching and Cognitive Presence
June 16, 2021

Ricky Magno, WVSU

Whole Child Approach Integrating the 21st Century Skills and Financial Literacy
May 12, 2021 John Paul Maligalig, UP College of Education Strategies in Addressing ICT Inequality in Remote Learning: The Community-based Academic Network
April 14, 2021 Micah Pacheco and Bernadeth Daran, DepEd NCR Assessment and Grading in the Remote Learning Environment
March 31, 2021 Ricky Magno, WVSU Learner-Centered Pedagogy and Differentiated Instruction